Initial Appointment Solo or Joint

Have you ever wished

  • for all the time you needed to tell your story to a professional, so that you felt completely understood?  
  • that someone knew you so well, from the very beginning of your professional relationship, so that the solutions or strategies they suggested to you would actually fit you, rather than a one-size fits all?

I believe in a solid return on your investment of your time, effort and money in our relationship, which is why I gather so much information in advance of our actual initial appointment time together.  Many clients have told me how cathartic this process is, as well as how it allowed us to get to work right away in our initial session, rather than spending that time "gathering information." Many have felt it was like a months' worth of work all rolled into a single session.

"Seeing" you and "being present" with you is very important to me; much more important than looking at a piece of paper while I take volumes of notes.

If what I describe is what you'd like to experience in your therapeutic work, then we should get off to a great start together.  

And, if you're thrilled with our initial time together and want to continue working together after this initial appointment, you will find several options for ongoing appointments on my home page, individual and couples, as well as unlimited email access.

I look forward to being of service, if you are located within the State of California.

NOTE:  Your Complimentary Consultation is the first step in the process of our working together.  Be sure we have spoken and discussed your needs before purchasing this Initial Appointment.  Thank you!